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Concrete is one of the most durable, waterproof, and easily maintained surfaces around today, and with more colors, stains, and textures to choose from, homeowners have more control over their concrete’s design than ever before. Concrete is also one of the hardest forms to work with, for several reasons:


1. The physically-intensive and technical process that goes into making it

2. It’s heavy, often awkward features

3. It’s unforgiving nature

Fortunately for anyone living in the Greater Renton Area, All Star Clean Up is more than capable of handling your next concrete installation!

Looking for a new patio? 

It doesn't matter if we're pouring concrete for a sidewalk, new driveway, or even just a simple patio - we always strive for concrete results that'll leave you satisfied. Once we've excavated the space for your patio according to plans we've worked out with you prior, we'll frame it with the kind of mold you see in the picture below. Then, we tamp down the area within the frame and start laying the concrete. After letting it set, we come back for the finishing touches and that's basically our process in a nutshell! Each job ranges in the hours it takes to get done, but usually no more than 4-6. We'll let our work speak for itself. Contact us today, and let's get started on your next concrete patio installation!

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concrete done right

While its true that concrete can last a lifetime plus, its durability is based less on how well its owners take care of it throughout the years, or even the quality of the concrete mix (Although admittedly, these are both still significant factors). Instead, the lifetime of your concrete installation depends most on whether or not it was properly installed in the first place. There are steps to concrete installations. For one, concrete has to be well-mixed to avoid clumps. It should also be textured or buffed smooth, depending on your preferences. Above all though, it should be sealed—which is what gives it that new, shiny appearance.

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years of experience

All Star has been pouring concrete since 2014, and our team of professionals have each been doing this for even longer.

They're all well-versed on the various grades of concrete, how to build and use forms when pouring concrete, and the right way to seal finished concrete. Let us handle your messy concrete sidewalk construction, and if you need a concrete path around house, you know who to call.

Rest assured knowing that All Star pros have all the experience necessary to get your job done right.

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Quality Service

We promise to leave your property looking as good, if not better than how it looked when we first started your project, so you’ll never have to worry about a messy clean up after we complete a job.